The wild and romantic “Schnanner Klamm” above the village shows how the elemental force of water can shape the landscape. Over thousands of years, the water has found its way through this gorge and today thunders down over steep cliffs and two dams into the depths below.

    Here you’ll experience the combined forces of nature! The well-maintained trail leads you along remarkable rock walls that are vertical in parts, next to a rushing mountain torrent and then past cascading waterfalls. Wire rope on the rock face helps navigate the steep sections, however only sure-footed visitors with appropriate footwear should attempt to view this natural spectacle.

    Not only nature lovers, but also sport enthusiasts love to visit the gorge in Schnann and its climbing crag with a total of 42 different routes. The climbing park is also well suited to families and beginners. The level of difficulty for the individual routes is between 3 and 9.

    Information climbing park (German only)

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