Through and around Schnann a new theme trail offers a fascinating insight into the history and faith of our small village. At 13 stations, each with a different theme, a life-size figure made of weathering steel holds a book containing information in text and illustrations about that particular theme. Visitors will learn about the history of the parish and parish church Schnann, as well as the settlement of the village. The stories tell of the salvation and calamity of the Schnanner creek, of how the village developed with the building of the Arlberg railway, of Swabian children, of the seasonal migration of grazing livestock, but also of the “Golden City” – a chapter of the Second World War.

    The small village of Schnann was also the home of several artists such as Josef Munggenast, a renowned Baroque master, Josef Sies, an organ builder, as well as Jakob Prandtauer, who was taught as an apprentice in Schnann by the master bricklayer Asam, or the blacksmith who forged bells with some 300 years’ tradition.

    Last but not least there is the “Schnanner Draher”, a black magician and sorcerer with legendary prowess.

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